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I want to say merry christmas, I truly cannot believe what it has been like with all the crazy year of everything that has happened all the way up to now.

I have received a Christmas present from the Divine. This is truly a surprise to me, I never really thought that the universe can just hand you a gift and allow you to accomplish a goal that one's self has set. Let me give you a little of a back story. First key points read them if you find them interesting then read on the Blog.

  • opportunity 
  • a no win, win position
  • learning patience
  • steadfast in the goal of outcome
  • Divine gift of love, life, security, and realizing even though we are physically alone.
  • Mentally we are never alone the universe still hears our thoughts. 
  • something out of my control.
  • The universe still has control on my outcome.
  • Hence the gift from the Universe or just from a person.

Okay, now let me give you a little bit of a back story those that are new and are not known what Interstellar Frequency is about. Those of you that know me I drive semi-trucks to earn a living, I have been at this for over 14 years now. This last go around I had made the choice to hang up the keys and to never to return to the Semi-truck. I dislike the idea that when I leave my family it will most likely be 14 hours before I can see them again. My last Semi job was one of my best years I have ever experienced I had met many people, and had small great relationships with the crews and workers I was there to provide a service. Within this service the crews I worked with would shout, "Shit OSHA is here! Let's get our shit together!" Everytime I showed up to where ever I was to go that day, they knew it was time to go to work and get shit done. 

Now that being said it's not because I am Mr. BadAss, No I have a clock of 14 hours that I live by behind the wheel of a truck. 11 hours of drive time within the 14 hour work window, as well a 70 hour work week. Time to me is money, the semi-wheels are not rolling down the road, money is being lost. Time is being wasted.

No I had left my old job because I was putting my family in Jeopardy with some of the work that was happening, No hard feelings, Bygones are Bygones I wish no ill will for the company accept best wishes. 

I decided to put the boots away, hang the keys up. Just quit the Driving Semi's for a living and change professions. I started by saying that the only way I am to crawl back into a Semi is if I am the owner or part owner of a company because working for a company I can longer take. I am at the time this is written 36 years old and now need to be the boss of my own entity. I have years of experience of a jack of all trades and a Master of none. I have never been able to stay in one stagnant spot with no growth does not work for me. I have to keep advancing if there is no accomplishments in my own life happening in the work of my profession I will not be able to just stand by and just wait to see what happens and hope for someone else to acknowledge my accomplishments and reward me for my due diligence. for years of service. This does not work for me.

I have started side jobs to make it by to keep my family going. I had my friends tell me I need to go back into the truck to keep my family's life going. With the help of other connections were starting to fall into place, the red sea began to part, and the pathway became very clear really quick. Obviously podcasting is not a source that can sustain my family's lifestyle I have a hard time asking people to donate for my show. It feels wrong in so many ways. I have met up with an old elementary school classmate that has keys to a truck.

First off, just being an owner of a semi is okay. On the other hand; An owner that is a full on diesel mechanic is an important factor when owning a trucking company. Semi's are very expensive to operate as well as maintenance. In this day and age of the workforce, companies can not survive in California unless they have a diesel mechanic on hand that works for them. I have had opportunities that others have ask me to join them and build a company from the ground up within Truck Driving. One key factor was that stopped me from joining them was that there was no mechanic. They are the engine of the Semi company without them. It is extremely hard to stay afloat, cost to send the semi out to get fix is a lot of money. Here in California, usually labor on a semi is $150-200 an hour, depending on the work being done.

This old classmate of mine, meet up and I check out the semi-truck that he has. We start bouncing ideas of where he wants to go with his company what he wants to do and what kind of time he wants to put into it. we both have came to an agreement and now off to the races we start.

Now in 2022 of December I had an experience that I had found so funny when I was in downtown LA underneath a freeway bridge. This area is big with traffic lights on both sides. It was almost as a tunnel. I had came to a stop inside the tunnel. As I heard all the other cars pulling up and inside the tunnel waiting for the traffic lights to change. My driver side window was all the way down. I was waiting just like everyone else. As I heard one person honk their car horn I was immediately reminded what Los Angeles traffic is like, with people always in a hurry they start honking. A thought had crossed my mind from the one honk, I was starting to smile and laugh at the thought if someone else honks then the third. I would have to jump in on the 4th.  Seconds as I was thinking about this the action was unfolding in-front of me. the first horn, the second 3rd, me being forth I just started cracking up laughing that simultaneously we all had the same thoughts. We all were getting a feeling that we are not alone, with our thoughts (a little scary when you think about it) knowing that we all somehow connected by feeling. I now know the universe is listening to our thoughts.

After completing my drive of the delivery I was driving the truck back home that night, contemplating all the days events as well what took place. As I get close to the scale house the sign had switched from closed, to All Trucks Must Enter Scale!

My gut twisted, into knots as well as the thought I was having asking God, The Almighty Magnificent, The universe. Please let me pass this one, I am not able to get the part because it is on national backorder and at least 3 to 6 months out. There was a bobtail semi-truck in front of me heading home as well. At the same time the one bay inspection door opens up and another bobtail semi truck is coming out of the bay being released. My heart just sinks and the pit of my stomach now just twists in a titer knot. I am starting to think we are going to be inspected. The house lights up the truck in front of me we stop dead in our tracks, they tell him to go into the bay for inspection. I wait for the light to turn green. I am almost sure that the officers saw me like a deer in headlights. Freaked unable to pass go, and go directly to jail. My turn they get me in the middle and light me up red, and tell me to follow the driver in front of me, I now feel that I am playing the real Monopoly game now. We both are being escorted into the inspection bay. I am praying to the universe please allow is one for me to be passed and not to be towed out from the scale house. So nerviosa the inspector does his work ask me for my paperwork as well as my license, right here days before christmas I am freaking thinking the worst. I am all alone in the truck, no one to tell me just relax everything is going to be alright. I am thinking of how much the income loss is going to be and that it can shut down the company before it even gets running at its full capacity. The inspector starts his test tells me what he will be testing and doing on the truck. I say yes Sir, No Sir. Remember I am playing the real Monopoly game and going to jail for inspection. I have lost air out of my air tanks and told the inspector that I have lost the air, he asked how much I have. I tell him 75 psi at the moment. He said let me finish the test first and then he will have me rebuild the air back up to 95 psi. I am so burned and praying at the same time mentally talking to whom ever shall listen to my inner voice. 

The inspector tells me to hang on for a bit. I am so scared straight, that I swear that if I pass gas it will sound like a flute playing a harp. The other inspector gets out a step ladder I am thinking what does he see on my truck that I might have missed. He comes up to the windshield on the passenger side takes a razor blade and starts scraping the windshield. In my thoughts I am thinking I don't remember having paint on that corner of the window? The other inspector that has my paperwork is walking back to my truck says to me I need you to sign this. I look at the paperwork, the inspector tells me, "You have passed your inspection, and we will not be bothering you for a couple of months now. Happy Holidays."  I smile back and repay the same gesture, Looking back to the passenger side of the windshield I see my Level I sticker, I am jumping for joy. I was just handed a card from the universe saying, "Congratulations your efforts have not gone unnoticed, you are allow to move to GO> and collect $400 Dollars!"  I was just have been given a Christmas present from the universe, And I thank you so much for it. ^_^ 

I am now so convinced that even though we all in our lifetime are physically alone. Mentally we are never left without or alone. Only if we all try just a little harder to listen to that inner voice, as well speak to that voice as well. This world will be a much better place to live in for it.

Thank you for the time of reading this experience.

Merry Christmas to you all, and best wishes I would not need a better present then the one I have received thank you again.