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March 19, 2022

Radio Shack

Radio Shack

I am not good with writing, or typing. So before I start, I have to say I am sorry in advance.

This weeks episode is about the long ago days, when we didn't have Pc's in every home. nor had cordless phones in our home. If your family was like mine (which was not that much of money those days) you didn't have Telephones though out the house or in every bedroom.  

My family had one phone in the center of the house, which was at or by the kitchen at all times. It had I swear to god about a 50' cord attached to it, and was able to almost reach every part of the house. If your were trying to talk to your Girlfriend (or boyfriend) and get far enough away from your siblings or parents just so they could not hear what you were talking about. I found it so uncomfortable when they would find the phone in the master bedroom, and listen in to the conversation. I know cause I would do this to my brother, or sister.  

If we fought over the phone some times it would break, and god for bid Mom would miss a phone call. We would get dragged to Radio Shack so they can repair the damages we caused.