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Oct. 5, 2022

Walking Pneumonia

Walking Pneumonia

Never in my life have I ever experienced something like this. This is a sickness that you think you are fine and everything is ok but you never knew that your one step landing your ass inside ICU. It really hits you fast if you do not catch it in time.

I felt okay just a head cold, and a cough nothing to ride home about. Expect for the part that when you lay down the worse it gets and the more water fills up inside your lungs. I noticed that I started to get tired more even though I was sleeping.  I realized that the sleep patterns were way off, and I would wake up choking in my sleep. Had high fever temps. I could not get warm, but would wake up soaking wet and was cold but my skin was hot to the touch. 

If you have a cold that last more than 3 weeks on you 3rd week it is a good Idea to seek medical help from a Doctor, before you end up in ICU like I almost did. It's a good way to stay far away from the hospital.

My wife helped me by taking me to a clinic.