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June 16, 2022

The Sheep Fire

The Sheep Fire

This is what I was dealing with on the Fire, in Wrightwood, CA. I have Family that was in the line of fire. I was talking with them before it went out of control on sunday night. 

I tried talking my Uncle to evacuate but he did not want to leave his house. Being 72 years old he was set in his ways and did not want to leave. I had lost contact with him on the cell phone monday morning at 0745 hrs. was no longer able to reach him. So I started down a second resource of mine that I thought might work, but would take some time. I knew that if I could get the word out to people up in wrightwood, that there was still people in the evac zone. At least someone could notify the Hotshot Crew, or the ground Engines that someone was there. 

I reached out to a Ham Op. KK6CTT witch runs a net on the Keller Peak Repeater. I ask him because I am not Licensed for Ham Op. If he can forward the info to the Table MT. group to let them know he was there. 

Thank you to all the Hotshots, Fire Crew, and everyone that came together in helping with this fire. 

And Thank you so much Rick for the fast response. 

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