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March 31, 2022

Wait, Loony Toons is real?

Wait, Loony Toons is real?

This episode dates way back as I was a little child. I experienced the Real Loony Toons. I started to pay real close attention to the show after what happened that day. What you will hear I know some out there will feel some kind of way about it. It is merely what I saw through my eyes. If I am able to talk with my father and try to get him to go on record what happened maybe you can hear his side of the story of what he was going through that day. as well as before the battle of zion took place in my backyard.

In the picture you see me in the far right. Just right above my head the camper and the tree in the background is where he or she made its nest. My cousin's Jen & Jamme as well as my Father, with my dog Mowgli and Shadow, Mowgli was the german shepherd. He was the fighter that I was talking about in the experience. If I had all the pictures that my mother always took. I would have posted the crows laying everywhere. I am sure I have that picture some were in all my stuff. I don't have the time to try to find it. It is not a nice picture really. 

I do feel bad for the bird, then again. karma has ways of making things happen. Good or bad. It seems to be neutral in the matter. However; day to day life unfolds. Be respectful and receive respect. Be evil, and get evil received. I do believe that this rule applies to all living life in the cosmos. There is no escape from it. 

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I do thank you for taking the time out of the busy day, to stop by and ride the Frequency to see where this is going, and hope you do enjoy it. 

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