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April 21, 2022

Universe Selectors, INC.

This is a Sci-fiction Short Story, mostly I worked on sound production. Well put together episode I have to say myself. This is episode 1 out of 3. For the next 2 weeks this story will unfold. I have never …

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April 14, 2022

Incoming Transmission From Stargazer Central

I have had the worst allagery attack, I have ever experience in my life. I wanted to continue with the previous episode, on the other hand; My voice could not handle the talking. I am sorry for that. I did …

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April 7, 2022

This is a glimpse.

Have you been here. Do you want to share your story please call 760-440-8131 leave a message let us know if you want your message to air on the show. There will be more information about the upcoming of this …

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March 31, 2022

Wait, Loony Toons is real?

This episode dates way back as I was a little child. I experienced the Real Loony Toons. I started to pay real close attention to the show after what happened that day. What you will hear I know some out …

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March 24, 2022

Speed Wash for Semi’s?

Can somebody that has connections, make this a Reality. It would make money on it. I don’t have the time to work on making it possible. I am not complaining but it’s just a thought. If you like the idea …

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March 21, 2022

Do You Remember Radio Shack?

This episode is way too good for me to wait until Wednesday night so everyone will get it now. Here is where you can read a little about what gave me this show tonight. I know that the Picture of …

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March 17, 2022

Forgetting? Have you been Here?

I am sure you can relate.

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March 10, 2022

Introducing Uncle Buck

This Episode is about one of many adventures with Uncle Buck. We have many Divine Interventions in both of are life's this one Frequency, is but one experience. I get the feeling that there are going to be lots of …

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March 3, 2022

Update March 2, 2022

This episode is just an update of what’s been going on and future to come of what I plan to do --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/interstellarfrequency/message

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Feb. 17, 2022

2 Dogs

I wanted to share a childhood memory with you, It leads me to this exact point in my life. It's remarkable how things work out, of just wants when you are young. Then the universe lines up in the sky …

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Feb. 3, 2022

The Universe has a since of humor!

I am so sorry that I had missed a week. I am sure you will find out why in this episode. I didn't do much to this episode, but I do find it nice if I say so my self. …

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Jan. 20, 2022

Our Free Day

This Episode, is how I have came to be a podcaster. It explains events that have happed over 20 years ago. Listening to one's self inner voice, is truly KEY to life I believe; "NOW THIS IS ONLY MY THOUGHTS!" …

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Jan. 19, 2022

By myself alone in thoughts.

This is just a thought and was really lost on what to do. So I decided to make a Bonus transmission. The real show is tonight at 8pm pst. If you don’t have an app to listen, Please go to …

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Jan. 13, 2022

Keeping score

Why keep score? With loved ones and family members? Subscribe so you can get Behind the scenes episode's of the production process. https://anchor.fm/interstellarfrequency/subscribe --- This episode is sponsored by · Ancho...

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Jan. 6, 2022

The Call

This Episode, is truly the best I think. It is self explained there is nothing that I can add into the description. Enjoy. If you have something to add, call 760-515-7344. This Episode Could not be done, with out the …

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Jan. 1, 2022

New Year 2022

I have made this episode, wishing all of you a New Year. enjoy, I have never done a solo episode like this. I am not sure if I'll do more, Like it my wife has a different opinion of that. …

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Dec. 13, 2021

A Bigger Table

Happy Holidays from the Stargazer Virtual Community Theater - StudioStargazer.Org --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/interstellarfrequency/message

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Dec. 13, 2021

Fred's Back Porch

This is the Second Episode that I have created and interviewed. Thank you so much for your Interview Fred, it truly was a great and fun experience. This Episode is all about how Fred came up with A Bigger Table, …

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Dec. 12, 2021

Interstellar Frequency (Trailer)

--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/interstellarfrequency/message

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